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Photo courtesy Rabbi Elyse Goldstein of City Shul, Toronto, ON


Our Judaism is for everyone. It is egalitarian, intellectually rigorous, joyful, spiritual, pluralistic, and constantly evolving. It is soul-elevating spiritual practice, life-altering Torah study, courageous practice of tikkun olam, loving care for our community, especially the most vulnerable — that is what we are. 

— Rabbi Rick Jacobs, URJ President

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COVID-19 Letter to Parliament

CCRJ and the Tikkun Olam Steering Committee, along with the Reform Rabbis of Canada, sent a letter regarding COVID-19 to all Members of Parliament expressing support for the measures taken thus far to help Canadians through this crisis, and highlighting the need to keep our most vulnerable neighbours at the centre of efforts moving forward.

Current Status for ARZA Canada

Please read here for the Current Status for ARZA Canada in the Canadian Zionist Federation (CZF) negotiation for mandates to the Congress.

The Road Ahead for the Reform Movement in Canada

Reform Judaism is practiced by liberal Jews who observe tradition, with the freedom to choose how to live ethical, uplifting Jewish lives while guided by three main tenets: God, Torah and Israel. The Canadian Council for Reform Judaism (CCRJ) is a not-for profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to strengthen and grow the Reform Movement of Canada by supporting and providing leadership to its key Canadian stakeholders- Reform congregations, its partner organization URJ Camp George and Reform affiliates. 

Study of Jews in Canada

Chart from the Study of Jews in Canada

The 2018 Survey of Canadian Jews was the first nationwide survey of the Canadian Jewish population. The single most important finding of the 2018 Survey of Canadian Jews is that we are doing an unusually good job of keeping the community cohesive. 


The CCRJ is in many respects an extension of the URJ into Canada, providing the organizational support and leadership to assist our Canadian congregations. At the same time, we have recognized that the Reform Jewish experience in Canada is unique.

Joint Statement on Brit Milah in the Context of COVID-19 Restrictions

The Ontario Liberal-minded Association of Mohalim and Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto have put together a joint statement addressing Brit Milah in the context of COVID-19. There are three options offered for babies born during the COVID-19 pandemic.