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Representing Vibrant Jewish Communities in Canada

The Canadian Council for Reform Judaism and the URJ Canada Steering Committee represent 27 Reform Congregations from Montreal to Vancouver with over 30,000 affiliated members. Our temples provide a welcoming, inclusive and egalitarian worship environment that encourages life-long learning, tikkun olam and a sense of community. In addition to our communal worship, our vibrant educational programs for youth and adults alike inspire us to uphold our Jewish values and traditions.

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CCRJ President Pekka Sinervo named a Member of the Order of Canada

Pekka Sinervo

Pekka Sinervo, President, CCRJ and Chair, URJ Canada Steering Committee has been named a Member of the Order of Canada. A professor in the University of Toronto’s department of physics, he is being recognized for decades of working to understand the basic building blocks of our universe – atoms, molecules and the like.

How Shared Narratives Can Foster Hope for Healing

Kim and Daniel shared narratives title image

Narratives of Jews and Indigenous people differ greatly. But both groups have suffered unspeakable hardships and must hold this past close while finding a path forward.

Being a Jew of Colour: Finding Acceptance and Inclusion

Black Hands with a Star of David Bracelet

For many Canadian Jews of colour, finding peace in a Jewish space is not a realistic option. They are too used to having their Judaism constantly questioned, if not outright doubted.

Heeding the Call to Social Justice in Canada

In Canada, many of our social justice initiatives focus on advocating for the Aboriginal community. In fact, many Canadian synagogues have adopted the Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, paralleling this week's Torah portion, which acknowledges the history of the Promised Land and those who came before us.

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2019 Consultation on Conscience

2019 Consultation of Conscience

The 2019 Consultation of Conscience brings together Jewish congregational and communal leaders to build meaningful connections, learn and expand the skills needed for social change, and deepen our knowledge of critical issues facing our communities

New Canadian Brit Olam

Many of you heard about the Brit Olam initiative of the Religious Action Center at the Boston Biennial and many of you remarked that the Brit Olam as presented at that time did not lend itself to our Canadian Congregations.