About Us

About Us

Reform Judaism is a progressive Jewish movement committed to egalitarian communal worship, study of Torah, social justice and love of Israel. The Reform movement is the world’s largest progressive expression of Judaism which preserves tradition and embraces diversity. Services are meaningful and accessible. Deeply committed to social action, Reform Judaism fights for the rights of disadvantaged members of society. As the largest Zionist religious organization, Reform Judaism has formally adopted principles expressed by the World Zionist Organization.

The Canadian Reform movement has maintained a deep commitment to traditional practices that have shown how one can be committed to a progressive Jewish lifestyle while maintaining a religious practice firmly rooted in Torah, prayer and acts of loving kindness. The Canadian community has a relationship with Israel that is closer and deeper than found in many other liberal Jewish movements.

The Canadian Council for Reform Judaism (CCRJ) is the national organization whose mandate is to grow and strengthen the Canadian Reform movement by supporting its 25 member congregations and collaborating with affiliate organizations.

Our leadership is comprised of Canadians representing congregations across Canada.

CCRJ Board of Directors 

  • Pekka Sinervo, President, Temple Emanu-El, Toronto psinervo@ccrj.ca
  • Len Bates, Vice President, Temple Har Zion, Thornhill
  • Elliott Jacobson, Treasurer, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • Paul Leszner, Director, Temple Emanu-El, Toronto
  • Carole Sterling, Director, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • Gavin Herman, Director, Solel Congregation, Mississauga
  • Morris Cooper, Director, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • Denise Grossman, Director, Temple Emanu-El-Beth-Sholom, Westmount
  • Miriam Pearlman, Director, Temple Sinai, Toronto
  • Jay Palter, Director, Temple B’Nai Tikvah, Calgary
  • Rhonda Singer, Director, Temple Sinai, Toronto
  • Judith Huebner, Director, Temple Shalom, Winnipeg
  • Madeleine Cooper, Director, Temple Sinai, Toronto
  • Steve Weitz, Director, Temple Beth-El, New Jersey

Canadian Members of the URJ North American Board of Directors

  • Austin Beutel, Temple Sinai, Toronto
  • Carole Sterling, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • David Baskin, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • Elliott Jacobson, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto 
  • Len Bates, Temple Har Zion, Thornhill
  • Miriam Pearlman, Temple Sinai, Toronto
  • Paul Leszner, Temple Emanu-El, Toronto
  • Pekka Sinervo, Temple Emanu-El, Toronto
  • Phyliss Denaburg, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto

The National Tikkun Olam Steering Group

  • Dara Lithwick, Chair, Temple Israel, Ottawa
  • Pekka Sinervo, Member, Temple Emanu-El, Toronto
  • Kim Werker, Member, Temple Sholom, Vancouver
  • Sara Charney, Member, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • Jordan Helfman, Member, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • Dan Abramson, Member, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
  • Barbara Weinstein, Member, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington
  • Peter Driftmier, Member, B’nai Tikvah, Calgary
  • Lilah Petersiel, Member, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto

Learn more about the National Tikkun Olam Steering Group

CCRJ Staff

  • Lori Miller Pike, Canadian Director, CCRJ lmillerpike@ccrj.ca 416 630 0375 ext.238
  • Tal Rozenfeld, Manager, Finance, CCRJ and Camp George trozenfeld@urj.org 416 630 0375 ext. 222
  • Lauren Grundland, Director of Development, CCRJ and Camp George lgrundland@urj.org 416 638 2635 ext.225