An Evening with Elisa Hategan

An Evening with Elisa Hategan 

May 15 @ 7:30pm

[Image removed by sender.]  Elisa Hategan - Hearts of Hate - Confessions of a former teenage Neo-Nazi.


Join us for this timely and informative lecture as Elisa tells her story of how she helped bring down Ernst Zundel and The Heritage Front.


At age sixteen, Elisa Hategan was recruited by Canada's most powerful neo-Nazi, white supremacist group, the Heritage Front - a domestic terrorist group. Within weeks she is introduced to the world's most infamous Holocaust denier, Ernst Zundel, who provides her with attention, shelter and work. Within a year, Elisa evolves into an extremist groomed for a leadership role in the global far-right movement.  Forced to confront her sexual orientation and Jewish ancestry, Elisa realizes that she must fight back.


At only eighteen, her testimony would lead to the criminal convictions of prominent white supremacists and lead to the end of the Heritage Front.
In her powerful and inspiring presentation, Hategan tells the story of discovering her Jewish roots and converting to Judaism, discusses the global resurgence of anti-Semitism, and outlines the recruitment and radicalization tactics of extremist movements that prey on young minds.


The focus of her talk will include topics such as: the psychology of radicalization and extremism; and breaking through the cycle of fear, low self-esteem and hatred


This talk will take place at 36 Atkinson Ave in the sanctuary


Kol Ami is a Jewish community in York Region with a dynamic approach to Judaism, blending the traditional and the contemporary. 


Kol Ami | 36 Atkinson Ave, Thornhill | 905-709-2620 | 



Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
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