In conversation with the Author of Seven Fallen Feathers

Pictured from the left are Tanya Talaga, Jennifer Podemski, NSAC Co-Chair Helen Poizner, CCRJ President Pekka Sinervo and Rabbi Debra Landsberg

Award winning author/journalist Tanya Talaga and actor/producer Jennifer Podemski were the speakers at an event organized by CCRJ National Social Action Committee and hosted by Temple Emanu-El on November 8th.   Tanya and Jennifer discussed the difficult issues raised in Talaga’s book-Seven Fallen Feathers portraying the death of seven Indigenous high school students that had come to study in Thunder Bay, Ontario.   In recounting their stories Podemski spoke of her mixed heritage with a Holocaust survivor grandfather and a Residential School Survivor grandmother.  Talaga told how she came to write the book and discussed details of the deaths of the seven students, which has left many unanswered questions.  Funds were raised at the door in support of the Dennis Franklin Cromarty Memorial Fund, which helps Indigenous students in Thunder Bay.