New Canadian Brit Olam

Many of you heard about the Brit Olam initiative of the Religious Action Center at the Boston Biennial and many of you remarked that the Brit Olam as presented at that time did not lend itself to our Canadian Congregations.

After consultation with the Religious Action Center, we can now share a link to our own Canadian Brit Olam opportunity. We have picked the top three items that we feel resonate most strongly with the CCRJ National Social Action Committee, as well, there is an open choice by which you can identify a program or initiative that your own Congregation feels most strongly about.

By signing the Brit, you will be articulating and publicizing the amazing work that your Congregation is doing to help mend the world. Signing the Canadian Brit, does not preclude you from working on the programs that the RAC has identified, indeed, as a movement, all of our Congregations can lend their energies to making these initiatives successful.

We hope you will choose to sign on and join the many Congregations in our movement that have acknowledged the important role that Social Action plays in their communities.


Helen Poizner and Fran Isaacs
Chairs, CCRJ National Social Action Committee