Study of Jews in Canada

The 2018 Survey of Canadian Jews was the first nationwide survey of the Canadian Jewish population. The single most important finding of the 2018 Survey of Canadian Jews is that we are doing an unusually good job of keeping the community cohesive. The survey included measures from the 2013 Pew Survey of American Jews, thus allowing Canadian-American comparisons. The encouraging news is that, on a wide range of attitudinal and behavioural measures, Canadian Jews are much less assimilated than American Jews are. Not only is the Canadian Jewish community relatively cohesive, but much potential exists for increasing the connectivity between individual Jews and the larger community. But there are areas we need to pay attention to so that we do not become complacent. The study provides an excellent overview of areas including synagogue life, denominational affiliation and generational differences, connection to Jewish friends, celebrating holiday, experiences with discrimination, our relationship with Israel and other factors essential for understanding where we are as a community in Canada. Read the study online.

Watch a recording of a recent presentation given by two of the study authors.